Size Guide


Ideal for individuals up to 5’6” tall*

* Seat height adjustment from 17.1" to 19.2"
* Seat width 19.3"; Seat depth adjustment from 16.7" to 18.3"


Ideal for individuals greater than 5’6” tall*

* Seat height adjustment from 18.7" to 22.3"
* Seat width 19.3"; Seat depth adjustment from 16.7" to 18.3"

*See our Support page FAQs for more details
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The CoreChair Sport has everything you ever wanted in your CoreChair with the added benefit of a wipe-able, vinyl surface.

This medical grade vinyl has been approved for use in laboratory and clinical conditions where there ability to clean and sanitize is required.


Size Guide
Size Guide
Size Guide

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Health Benefits

  • General Health

    Movement in a CoreChair compliments your active life by encouraging circulation to keep vital systems working well.

  • Cognitive Ability

    Physical activity, like moving in a CoreChair, aids our cognitive power by stimulating blood flow to the brain. Delivery of oxygen and glucose to the brain makes us better able to focus and work on tasks.

  • Spinal Health

    CoreChair embraces the users pelvis and encourages a more balanced ascending spine. The CoreChair's movement mobilizes the joints, strengthening core muscles and hydration of your vertebral discs.

CoreChair in Your Office

The traditional office chair has been reengineered to meet the needs of your active life. Using only the highest quality materials and validated by rigorous testing — CoreChair truly helps you keep moving all day.

The Science Behind CoreChair

CoreChair was developed with a research based approach to address sitting disease and back pain. Partnering with organizations including Mayo Clinic, Cornell University and University of Waterloo (among others), we continue to validate the health benefits of the CoreChair.

Risk-Free 60 Day Trial

We offer a 60 Day Return Policy. If the CoreChair is not everything you hoped for, it can be returned for a full refund - we'll pay for the shipping too! Please keep the original packaging and contact our customer service team at info@corechair.com or call 1-877-300-3797 within 60 days of receiving your chair.